About Us

We belive everyone need to know the status of our color vision. To giving that power to the people we created this test to know our own status of color vision and also many more tools related to vision.

We designed 99% accurate color blind test directly accessible to online users around the world. Test will show some colored plates in which user have to recoginize and select the correct option from the test and recognize self where we are standing.

Our vision is to provide help to people for check their color vision with access to low cost, convenient solutions with our free color blind test.

Our team make a different research on colour blind & design a web application according to our research and available research paper on internet.


  • We make your online test experience more comfortable and convinient with the blindness test. We offer our service to the users without any charges.

  • We believe in growing together, & these tools are a well researched and well organized. Call it a gesture of good-will was done by our team; we are always happily here to serve you with our tools and programs that can help your site get leads or even something with network security that is of paramount importance.

  • We are fiercely honest.

  • Our team is customer obsessed.

  • We work hard, play nice, and care about the people around us.